Telecommunications operators have addressed risk using traditional approaches centered around  revenue assurance and fraud. The telecoms sector has however, evolved in the past decade and strong revenue growth has plateaued in most regions. Traditional, narrow approaches to risk management that might have once worked do not produce the results that shareholders are now looking for. TAUSPACE’s Strategies Group’s telecoms risk program tackles business risk holistically, rather than narrow unintegrated programmes with limited business visibility. By tackling all areas of the business we are able to design and implement strategies to manage risk and improve shareholder value.
Our technology agnostic INTEGRATED RISK FRAMEWORK programme delivers an integrated risk management solution in three phases. Plan, Build and then Operate, or Transfer should the client so require. The TAUSPACE risk programme is geared around telecommunications operator’s specific needs and addresses the following six vital areas within any telecommunications company.



Complex systems and processes in Telco’s lead to many potential areas where accidental revue losses can be prevented. We deliver integrated processes and reporting highlight key concerns quickly so that they can be effectively remedied.


Enterprise architectures in telecommunications companies are inherently complex landscapes with various applications and systems, many of which lack the governance and control those systems on the fringes of the enterprise contain. We implement systems and processes to protect against unauthorised access which will in turn protect your number one asset: customers.


Products and services are ever- evolving in an ecosystem with many underlying dynamics. Profitability and margin per user are becoming more important to shareholders than the traditional average indicators of spend and revenue. By
integrating these financial indicators into product development practices, we help visualise the effect of new products and technologies as well as cross- product-cannibalisation.


Business operations are inundated with a variety of risks that are rarely tracked or managed. By implementing systems that initially help identify and quantify these risks, and then relate them to effective KPI’s that can be measured, our programme helps improve the bottom-line.


Very few businesses are ready to deal with a real disaster. Our programme helps prioritise the processes, people and systems that are essential to keeping operations afloat after a major disruption.


We detect and manage elements from within or outside the client that deliberately abuse assets. They can be material losses related to products or the theft confidential information, all of which impact the bottom line directly or by bad publicity.